Coaching Testimonials

“As a person who has undertaken this six session course with Carey, I have found clarity, a sense of purpose and the direction for my life to follow. Carey carefully and skillfully gave me the tools to understand my goals and give me the confidence to move forward.  I thoroughly recommend it to you, if you feel in a rut or unable to move forward.”
Greg Von Einem, State Sales Manager

"My cry was 'I'm 50, fatigued and fed up'.  Today I'm 53, healthily tired and fired up.  It just goes to show that we need to follow our heart and trust that there is a place for us that will fulfil us.  I am so amazed that so many changes have taken place in my life.  Hope is a wonderful thing, and that is the main thing that you conveyed as we shared.  Thank you.  I constantly refer to the skills and disciplines that you taught us, and I am so grateful for all the help you gave.  You will never know just how much you changed my life, thank you. God bless you, you are an awesome woman.  You are faithful, gutsy, real and fun."
Lynne, Aged Care Worker

​“Wow!  The last six weeks have taken me from a feeling of hopelessness in my life and future to feeling excitement about the possibilities that lie ahead and how to achieve these!  It has been a life changing, innovative and refreshing experience.”
​Jo, Nurse

“I now know my purpose in life and I feel more confident and focused – ready to live my dream.  The coaching has been invaluable and investing in it has been life transforming.  Uncovering that where I am isn’t where I want to be was most challenging and a little overwhelming, but Carey got me back on track.  It was a transforming and inspirational experience.  I’m about to live the dream!”
​Sarah, Marketing Manager