Training Testimonials

Carey's "Choice Point" workshop was insightful and informative, and I found the breathing technique most useful. I also learnt how important your personal values are, and how they should influence your work life to help deal with stress, especially staying true to your values.
Jo Witherspoon - Team Leader Careers & Internships SA, Navitas Professional

I met Carey several years ago, seeking a Life Coach initially but our professional relationship developed and she continues as a mentor and trainer for me. Carey is very articulate, and presents ideas and processes in a very intuitive way. Her professional approach gives you confidence in taking on new ideas and thought processes, without ever feeling rushed or unable to comprehend difficult subjects. I thoroughly endorse Carey as a trainer, mentor or personal coach. She helped me steer my life into the positive direction I needed as well as giving me life skills to continue to use.
​Greg von Einem - National Marketing Manager, Linkware Australia

Carey Hauri brings professionalism and passion to all she puts her hands to. We invited her to conduct staff training for a varied multicultural group of our staff and she brought an outstanding ability to both personally connect to individuals as a coach along with exceptional clear communication skills in presenting her material. Carey is able to create the safe space for individuals that enables them to open up and desire personal and professional change. I would recommend Carey without any hesitation as both a highly skilled coach and trainer.
​Elke Hanssmann - International Trainer, Coach, Consultant

Just letting you know that my interview yesterday was successful and hopefully I am going to start my internship next week. I was indeed interviewed by three people and they asked me both general and behavioural questions. Fortunately they were very friendly, so I didn’t feel very nervous. I am writing to express my appreciation for your training and guidance during these 30 weeks. Your training benefited me greatly and enhanced my overall skills (English, CV, as well as interview skills). Every Saturday I felt that I had learnt something new. I like the way you speak English and really enjoyed your class.  So lucky we have you as our trainer. So again, thank you."
Sara, Student - Professional Year Program (Certificate IV in Business)

"Thank you for helping me with my interview preparation, I have learnt a lot from you. I remembered during the first practice interview I was extremely nervous and you gave me some very useful suggestions. I took your advice and performed well in this internship interview. Besides, you are very patient and responsible. I really appreciate your attitude towards teaching and life. I hope I can be a successful person like you in the future, no matter in work or in normal life."
Sharon, Student - Professional Year Program (Certificate IV in Business)

"Thank you so much again for all of your time and persistence with us - I can't describe how much it means to have someone that listens and actually cares about us and encourages us to be the best that we can be. It has taken me a while to realise, but I now know that settling for something less than this just won't do for me."
​Elise, Research Assistant (Lifestyle Turnaround Challenge Participant)